Mary Anne Walser has a wealth of experience when it comes to buying and selling homes. Like many other businesses, real estate is about people, and it is the relationships developed with clients that have kept Mary Anne an excited and passionate agent for several years.

Before real estate, Mary Anne practiced law and has maintained her license. This gives her an incredible edge when dealing with the legal matters that are a necessary part of real estate. She is in a position to look out for her clients and advise them in an educated way. In addition to a background in law, Mary Anne also offers her clients great services like impactful photography and customized property searches online.

When listing a home with Mary Anne, her clients know just what to expect, as her comprehensive listing presentations fill in all the hazy details of the home selling process. Selling a home and moving can seem intimidating, but with Mary Anne as a guide, her sellers can relax and get all their questions answered.

Buying a home can be equally stressful, but once again, with Mary Anne as a guide, the process is smooth. Her market analyses show buyers the honest values of the homes they are considering. This allows them to make natural, logical decisions with less stress and results in a happy match of client and home.

By pricing her listings accurately and helping buyers find the home that is right for them, Mary Anne has had her most successful year yet, right in the middle of the housing market crisis.

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