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So you have decided that it is time to sell your home and move on to a smaller home, a larger home, or just greener pastures.  How do you find an agent?  You might ask your friends and colleagues who they recommend; you might decide to hire the “neighborhood expert”; or you might already know a great agent you would like to use.

If you are not certain who you want to use, it is time to call in several agents, meet with them and have them look at your home, and then decide who you are most comfortable with.  There are many factors to consider and questions to ask:

  • Is the Realtor a FULL TIME agent?  You do not want to hire anyone who only does real estate part time – they cannot give your home the attention it deserves.
  • Is the Realtor with a reputable company, and are they well connected/well liked among other Realtors?
  • Does the Realtor have an assistant to help with marketing efforts so that if the Realtor is very busy someone is still marketing your home full time?

Hire who you are most comfortable with, not necessarily the agent who gives you the highest suggested list price.  Some agents will give you an inflated price to entice you to list with them.  Overpricing your home can be deadly, since the longer a home sits on the market the less desirable it is to buyers and the less you will ultimately get for the home.  Go for the agent who is the most knowledgeable and realistic about your home’s value over the one who gives you a high price just to get you to sign the agreement.

Ask what services the agent offers as part of the listing – among the things a great agent may offer are professional photography, staging services, full color professional brochures, agent caravans, and videography.  Let the agent know what you expect from them – some sellers like to be contacted by the agent as much as possible, while others just want a phone call when an offer comes in.  Let your agent know what works best for you.

And as the listing moves forward, let the agent know whenever you are unhappy about anything and give them the opportunity to rectify it.  Most of us will bend over backwards to make a seller happy, and to sell the home.