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There have been explosions in East Atlanta you haven’t heard a peep about – very SOFT explosions, given, but colorful nonetheless.

The new trend there is YARN BOMBING bicycles. Just go to the corner of Flat Shoals and Metropolitan and you’ll see what I mean. Some are full on bombings, others feature just a little yarn shrapnel here and there.

Yarn bombing is the term given to a type of visual but nonpermanent graffiti accomplished with – you guessed it – yarn. On a recent beautiful day I ate lunch at the Flatiron with a client following her inspection and personally observed the unique “art”. The trend reportedly started in the Netherlands, spread to Texas, and from there – all over, including East Atlanta. I haven’t seen it anywhere else in Atlanta yet, have you?

In other cities, the trend has included knit cozies encircling light poles, columns, and even trees. Today in East Atlanta – bicycles. Perhaps next, CNN Center?