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Well, I started to write a blog post about great out of the way places to eat inAtlanta. I love the hole in the wall places; after all, everyone knows about the big & trendy places already, don’t they?

But I had lunch with my good friend Amy Wallas Fox yesterday. She’s my go-to friend for information about anywhere and everywhere cool to eat inAtlanta, no matter what the size or location. And the best that I can do for you is to direct you to her blog – it’s the absolute best place I know of to find inside information on food inAtlanta. She’s introduced me to so many places! (My favorite thing to do is to pick her up for lunch – she works on Lenox near Buford Highway– and let HER pick the place). Yesterday we ate at C’om, the Vietnamese grill. Tremendous! We tried an avocado shake next door at Lee’s Bakery – also tremendous!

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her blog – but HURRY! I’ve sold her home and she’s moving to Charlotte in a few months. Read up on her Atlanta blog entries and you will be on top of the cool, great places to eat in Atlanta!

You can find her here:

http://amyonfood.blogspot.com/ – tell her I sent you!!!