Recently I wrote a blog post – “A House Divided – Selling a Home While Getting a Divorce”.  It’s now been published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (in the Homefinder Section, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011) and in the Atlanta Bar Association’s Family Law Newsletter.  If you missed it, you can find it in my blog archives, and I hope that you will!

Realtors are often consulted during the “turning points” of people’s lives – marriage, divorce, relocation.  Thus a Realtor’s interpersonal skills are paramount, and sometimes we feel more like therapists than real estate professionals – but that’s PART of the profession, and to many of us a rewarding part.  We are able to guide folks through change – sometimes wonderful, sometimes turbulent, but always exciting – and help with transitions.

My husband mentioned to me that in short order, I need to follow up with a piece on Buying a Home Together When Getting Married – which I will definitely do!  I enjoy helping people get through the turbulent waters of a divorce and back on their feet, but I love even more helping young couples find their first home – or helping folks getting married later in life find their dream nest together.  So that piece will be coming soon!!